Krypton Lab


The laboratory of Krypton Ocean Group carries out the research and development of industrial production technologies, applicable for the construction of large-capacity underwater vehicles, and also develops and studies new materials for deep-sea immersion.

The team is working on the creation of light, strong, corrosion-resistant and inexpensive composite materials capable of operating under conditions of repeated loading at hydrostatic pressure up to 800 bar.

Focus Areas

Among the materials under testing, there are epoxy, polyester resins, polyurethanes with various dispersed and reinforcing fillers, including fiberglass in the form of fabric and in a chopped condition, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, microglasses, as well as graphene, silicon carbide fillers, etc. For the effective use, we thoroughly select properties of each material for the required loads and operating conditions.



Our specialists are in search of syntactic and other materials to minimize the weight of the underwater vehicle. We are considering the use of microglasses in solid, liquid, gel-like matrices based on polymer resins and high molecular olefins, as well as ceramic spheres.



We are developing techniques for the production of polyurethane items, in particular, drive mechanisms of gears and chain elements operating at a high pressure.



The technologies of formation of large-sized cases and frame constructions by sputtering, infusion and vacuum pressing are being studied.



The company uses the equipment for testing at high hydrostatic pressure of all materials under development. Mechanical and other performance characteristics of the materials are also monitored by standard techniques at the laboratory equipment.

We test ballast tanks manufactured by the laboratory.



The pump is tested at a working pressure of 800 bar. It will be used in the ballast system of the underwater vehicle.



The laboratory simulates natural conditions of occurrence of ferromanganese nodules.



Our specialists work out various methods of effective mining with minimal adverse impact on the seabed environment.