Minerals Processing


The KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP’s activities are focused not only on designing and launching the Underwater Vehicle (the UV). The company also plans to further implement its project for the processing of minerals.


KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP comprises a subdivision that is responsible for logistics of the collected resources and organization of facilities for processing of the collected ocean minerals. Thus, our team has created a full cycle that allows simultaneous:


  • exploration of minerals concentration areas;
  • collection of valuable mineral sediments within deep-sea ore-bearing area with the help of the UV;
  • processing of minerals in the proximity to the extraction point (this will increase business profitability many times).


To ensure the effective implementation of this project on the mining and processing of minerals from deposits in the World Ocean, an integrated approach should be applied: from the design of underwater mining units and development of mining methods to the use of efficient and "green" ore processing technologies.

Thus, one of the main components of this project is a plant with a full production cycle for the production of nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, and other. Optimally, the construction site for the processing plant should be located in the immediate vicinity of the mineral deposit.



Our processing technology, based on the hydrometallurgical process, is waste-free, has a closed cycle and low emissions. All mineral residues of the production process will be processed to produce mineral fertilizers necessary for the agricultural sector.


Below are the potential areas where the processing factory may be built: 


1. Within the territory of the United States of America on the Pacific Coast, in particular, the coastal area near San Diego. On the coasts of Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, since these countries are very “convenient” for the two mineral deposits in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone and the Peruvian Field.


2. In the Indian Ocean, in convenient locations such as: India and Mauritius; in the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar.



It is likely that the price for the metals will be revised in the future, since it will be based on the reduced cost of products. Manufacturers will have the opportunity to make their products more affordable - and this will become a new growth cycle in the economy.


Those who will be the first to start mining and processing seabed minerals will undoubtedly receive all the benefits.