21.12.2018.  Krypton's Underwater Vehicle on UT3 Cover

Krypton Ocean is pleased to have a feature about its remote exploration and production vehicles – MUV1, AUV1, and UV300 – published by UT3 Underwater Technology Magazine.

Krypton Ocean was also honored to have its underwater vehicle on the cover page of UT3 Issue 6. Want to learn about a “particularly innovative approach to seabed mining”? You are welcome to pages 52-56 of Issue 6, 2018 of UT3 at https://issuu.com/ut-2_publication/docs/issuu_19th_ut3j_issue_six_2018?e=1400639/66508690

UT3 is the online magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology, and covers the subsea industry. It is positioned to cover a focused range of underwater subjects including offshore, marine renewables, subsea engineering, ocean resources, diving and manned submersibles, underwater science and robotics.