16.10.2018.  Special clamping mesh developed by Krypton Ocean

Since the concept of the least possible impact on the seabed is crucial for Krypton Ocean, the recent lab testing of its chain-like rotating tool for polymetallic nodules’ collection confirmed a principle possibility to take nothing but nodules from the ocean floor. A system of grippers was equipped with a specially designed clamping mesh to improve functionality of the nodule-collecting tool. The mesh reliably fixes nodules in the tool after grippers take nodules from the ocean floor without any significant re-suspension of the seabed mud.

Thereby, the seabed landscape remains untouched at the areas of contact between the ocean floor and a nodule-collecting tool of Krypton’s deepsea mining vehicles. The recently tested design showed almost zero seabed mud appearing in bunkers of the mining vehicles.

It should be reminded that in addition to the present gripper-type design another chain-like version with buckets is also available for mining of nodules at the areas where the ocean floor is hard and rocky.