Scope of Activities


During several recent years KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP has been carrying out the activities aimed at development of mining technologies for the World Ocean minerals. The development of deep-sea deposits has become an urgent need of the foreseeable future. Oceanic deposits will give people another source of renewable minerals.


Our Company bills itself at the mining market not only as a developer and manufacturer of a unique Underwater Vehicle (the UV). This universal and mobile apparatus is capable of immersing to the depth of 6,000 meters and, with the help of replaceable work tools, carrying out comprehensive development of various deep-sea deposits: ferromanganese nodules, sulphide sediments, cobalt crusts, metalliferous sediments and brines.


KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP is ready to carry out the extraction and processing of the said minerals using solely own resources. Specially for this purpose, the structure of our Company comprises a number of subdivisions each of which is engaged in separate specific areas within the framework of this project:


  • KRYPTON OCEAN ENGINEERING in involved in designing and building the Underwater Vehicles;
  • KRYPTON OCEAN MINING is designated for development and mining of mineral resources in the World Ocean;
  • KRYPTON OCEAN METAL is involved in processing of ferromanganese nodules, sulphide sediments, cobalt crusts, metalliferous sediments and brines.


For the purpose of implementation of this project, we have designed the unique complex for development of deep-sea deposits, as well as for the collection and carrying to the surface of minerals, and further processing of the same. The project is based on a full production cycle: from extraction of minerals to logistics and subsequent processing of the raw material in order to obtain separated metals through hydrometallurgical processes, and finally to the sales of the end product.


Our engineering solutions were designed and parented as know-how. They allow launching a brand-new industrial method of mining of mineral resources with unique content and amount of manganese, nickel, copper, cobalt and other metals.


Moreover, our Company is eager to make a material contribution into the current studies and researches in respect of the environment and potential threats and risk to it, in order to make it possible to evaluate the impact of long-term industrial mining of mineral deposits on the World Ocean environment. Having taken the generally known fundamental scientific knowledge and applied technologies as a basis, we have developed a new unique method for mining of ferromanganese nodules and other mineral deposits. In this method we have combined the most efficient and safe aspects of deep-sea mining – in full correspondence with the established international requirements and standards. And this is our major advantage.


KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP is carrying out its activities openly, while demonstrating its technical capabilities and advantage over other more expensive technologies, as we have in our view to implement the IPO with attractive results. We are open to cooperation and participation by any interested parties in this project, including the involvement of any entities, foundations and private investors.

The commercial exploitation of deep sea mineral deposits may turn out to be a necessity for the human in the near future. Amazing is the mere fact that such unique and rich deposits exist in the World Ocean. No doubt, this is the result of long-term efforts of the largest biochemical laboratory called the “World Ocean”.

This laboratory, in consequence of sophisticated hydrothermal transformations during billions of years, has created an enormous cluster of ball-shaped minerals in the form of ferromanganese nodules on the bed of the World Ocean. Deep sea cliffs have been covered with cobalt crusts, and the seabed has accumulated a huge quantity of metalliferous sediments and brines. And all these mineral occurrences are rich in nickel, copper, manganese, cobalt, gold, and other metals. The coincident concentration of these components in one ton of ocean minerals exceeds the values of any known on-shore deposit.

But all this is worthwhile solely on the condition that people will invent the eco-friendly and sustainable mining methods that will not damage the environment. Otherwise, the price may turn out to be too high and unreasonable.
Under the supervision of the international organizations, underway towards the environmentally friendly exploitation of the resources, we have a chance to access an inexhaustible source of noble metals in order to make the innovative technologies more affordable and encourage mass consumption in this sector. The Nature has rationally provided for everything that a human might ever need.

We have an opportunity to enjoy and make use of renewable sources: the energy of the Sun, the mineral wealth of the Earth and the Ocean. Now, we have come to an understanding that the renewable resources are not only
essential, but also beneficial.