Mining of Nodules and Other Mineral Deposits

We have created our own method for the development of deep-sea deposits of nodules and other mineral sediments. The mining of minerals will be carried out with the help of the unique Underwater Vehicles (UVs) integrated into one or several mining “complexes”. The UV operation principle is simple, maximally effective and productive at the same time. You can learn more about technical description, basic specifications and advantages of our inventions in this section.

In order to start the industrial and commercial mining of nodules and other mineral sediments, KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP first plans to file its applications to obtain licenses for 3 sites within the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, the Californian and Peruvian Fields. This process requires thorough efforts and active cooperation with international authorities having the power to issue licenses for the development of international seabed areas to carry out mining operations. We are deliberately and progressively moving in this direction through collaborating with representatives of a number of international organizations.





As a reminder, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea was signed in the Jamaican city Montego-Bay in December 1982 and came into force on November 16, 1994. According to the Convention, the exploration and development of resources may be carried out by independent states in association with the International Seabed Authority (the ISA). Pursuant to Article 136 of Part XI of the UN Convention, the resources of the International Seabed Area (hereinafter – the “Area”) shall be common heritage of the mankind. The states are not entitled to claim sovereignty or any sovereign rights or exercise the same in respect of any part of the Area and resources thereof. The Convention also provided for the establishment of the International Seabed Authority to act on behalf of the entire mankind. As per the Convention, any operations or activities within the Area shall be carried out for the benefit of all mankind, and the ISA shall ensure fair allocation of financial and other economic benefits using its respective mechanisms.





Besides, the right to conduct exploration and development operations in order to mine the seabed minerals shall be granted not only to the Convention members’ state enterprises, but also to any legal entities or individuals under the jurisdiction and control of the Convention member-states. According to the mechanism established by the Convention, the exploration and development of minerals within the Area shall be carried out on the basis of the ISA-approved action plan (contract).



It shall be noted that one of the most important and determining factors for the issuance of a license for such sites is the commitment of a potential contractor to extremely careful treatment of the environment and preservation of environmental sustainability not only within the granted site, but also in the adjacent territories. KRYPTON OCEAN GROUP has paid due regard to this important factor: the equipment for our Underwater Vehicle has been designed to operate in an environmentally friendly way to the maximum possible extent. To learn more about our environmental policies, please visit this page. We are working on formulation of a detailed Site Environment Safety and Preservation Plan to present it in the near time.